Via’s Swopper Stool, A True Original in Office Seating Design

The Swopper stool, made by Via is currently in a class all of it’s own. With it’s truly unique ergonomic design concepts and style of sitting, the VIA has won over it’s many critics once they have spent time testing the design. When first viewed by someone unaware of it’s ergonomic presence, it may seem just a high-end and stylish stool with great presence. It is very modern with the coordinating coils giving just a hint as to the true inner workings of the Swopper motion seating experience.

Once seated in the Swopper stool, your spine can definitely feel the relaxed and yet stretched perfectly position of the spine and lower lumbar region. The lower lumbar can feel truly relaxed and although the seated position of the Swopper may look hard to keep, once seated, the user realizes how easy it is to stay in the position without effort. The design of the Swopper keeps your feet flat on the floor and your back in the correct position, even without any backrest at all.

The standard Swopper featured in the VIA Quick Ship Program has an ultrasuede fabric which is helpful for its gripping qualities to hold the user in place. The Swopper is also available in a large variety of custom ordered fabrics including leather and many different patterns available.

The VIA custom ordered Swopper Stool has a choice of two different base choices, titanium or anthracite (charcoal gray). Either base is available through the custom ordered Swopper program although the quick ship program is only sold with the anthracite base. A wooden backrest is even available as an option for custom ordered Swopper’s.

With strong support from it’s purchaser’s and ranking high in customer satisfaction while winning many prestigious office furniture design awards, the Swopper Chair is here to stay. This author would rank it as one of my most unique seating experiences with real comfort ability for long periods. Using one for a week to “test drive” it, I could feel some pressure released from my spine and got a ton of compliments and questions from everyone who saw it. It truly wins many hearts with it’s beautiful, unique and ergonomic styled design and health benefits.

Author Bio:
Amy Pedersen
has worked in the Ergonomics and Office Furniture industry for over 10 years and is owner of Sit On This Ergonomics, operating a number of ergonomic websites dedicated to Office Chairs and the practice of good Workplace Ergonomics.

Featuring a wide variety of Executive Chairs, Leather Office Chairs, Mesh Seating & Task Office Chairs with an Online Sales Catalog. Their Huge Office Chair Collection and the Sit On This Ergo website provides detailed ergonomic information on proper chair positioning and seating in the workplace environment to help people to find the perfect Office Chair for their situation.

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