Posture Knee Office Chairs Can Help Video Gamers to Find Comfort in those Long Hours

The other day, I found myself at a friends house waiting for him to get his stuff together and I started talking with his son, who is an avid gamer. His father has mentioned to me many times how often his son sat in that chair and played those games and how long the hours were that he spent barely moving at all. With long hours in front of a video game system like that and no real motion of fluidity in the chair that he was sitting in, as an ergonomist, I could not help myself and had to say something.

This was very unhealthy behavior. Motion, when seated, is critical to proper blood flow and body health as well as putting less strain on one muscle or joint from forcing the body to work long hours without moving. After observing his son for several minutes and watching how he moved and placed his neck and torso, it became apparent which type of chair would be best recommended for this type of video game play. Having sold ergonomic office chairs and furniture for over 10 years now, it is easy for me to remember that different types of tasks require different styles of seating positions.

The task at hand was video games with a controller and pushing buttons using a repetivie motion while holding the control in front of the body. Since he was a kid, he wasn’t going to want to spend a ton of money on something overly ergonomic and just wanted to find something that was comfortable for long hours and didn’t leave him wanting to stretch every ten minutes due to muscle tension. I recommended a Posture Knee Kneeling office chair model that seemed absolutely perfect for his task.

Unlike your standard task chair, a posture knee chair works by taking more of your weight on your knees by resting them on a seperate cushion, which lets you sit in just the right position to keep the natural S curve to your spine and keep your muscles and back relaxed. These types of chairs are unique in how one is seated in them and definetely take some getting use to but rave reviews appear from all of my loyal posture knee customers monthly.

Kneeling chairs, which found their beginnings when back pain sufferes were looking for some way to change the conventional computer task chair and find a way to alleviate the tension placed on the spine and lumbar. They have become more and more popular these days with the long hours many employees are working in front of the computer and at their desks. When watching my friend’s son the other day, it also became more and more obvious to me that posture knee chairs would also work well for video gamers and people who enjoy spending that time in front of their system.

Posture knee models are easy to find online and are not a high priced option. You can find them for the price of your average task office chair, even for under a hundred dollars on sites like eBay online. This low price and great chair allows the user to try out a new type of chair without having to break the pocketbook. Try shopping around online as there are many different posture knee chairs out there in colors, styles an shapes.

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Author Bio:
Amy Pedersen
has worked in the Ergonomics and Office Furniture industry for over 10 years and is owner of Sit On This Ergonomics, operating a number of ergonomic websites dedicated to Office Chairs and the practice of good Workplace Ergonomics.

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