Choosing Proper Office Furniture for Special Needs: Part 1

When searching for office chairs, it is easy to assume that one size fits all. However, to practice good ergonomics, the office chair can have many features designed to help the users who fall out of the range of normal size, has special health considerations, has an unusual job or works with unique machinery. The most popular extra features and options for an ergonomic chair are discussed here.

Proper armrest support is critical to alleviating back and neck pain when seated for long hours at the computer typing or using the mouse. Most armrest are designed for the user to take small break throughout the typing experience, answering phone calls, conversations, etc., when the user has the armrest for additional support and an armrest is needed.

Adjustable arms with height and width adjustments are recommended to get the proper elbow and wrist placement. This allows the user to put the armrest at the precise location for optimum elbow support. Some individuals have chronic forearm pain and manufacturers of ergonomic custom chairs have started to feature an option of a tilting armrests which would match the user’s natural motions forward and back.

Your spine is equally as important and good lower back relief comes from maintaining your natural curve in the lower lumbar (back) region. Most chairs don’t accommodate for this and it is absolutely necessary for proper lumbar support and comfort ability in the long term when seated for long periods of time at employment. Some users may have a large lordosis which is a fancy name for the lower back curve. These users may require an additional lumbar support bolster or pillow to help keep the natural curve.

For people with sensitive lower backs, an adjustable lumbar support may be necessary to truly find the comfort level desired when seated. Many new task chair models are already starting to feature this as a standard option because of the benefits of fitting that support your body type.

Author Bio:
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has worked in the Ergonomics and Office Furniture
industry for over 10 years and is owner of Sit On This Ergonomics,
operating a number of ergonomic websites dedicated to Office
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