Start an eBay Business

With all of the people currently employed full time selling on eBay, why haven’t you opened your eBay Store and become a true entrepreneur? There are many different ways to sell product and make money on eBay. From eBay Stores to trading assistant programs to franchise consignment programs, the market is diverse. A huge variety of products, services, homes, cars and programs are for sale, your options are endless as to what you want to sell.

Ebay makes it easy for an entrepreneur to start a business for little to no start up cost. They offer an educational filled site with detailed programs to walk the layperson through the selling and even the buying process. You can take a step by step guided tour at your own pace through eBay making it simple. They also give you tons of tips and information like top selling strategies and tips for writing your copy and pricing your item.

When listing an item on eBay, you need not pay any fees up front. In fact, even if the item does not sell, you are simply charged the listing fee. These fees are usually nominal with an average of 2-5 dollars each for a standard, no frills auction. If your item does sell, congratulations.

You will also be charged a small percentage based final value fee based on the final selling price of the item, minus shipping costs. Luckily you won’t really have to pay for either of these when you are an educated eBay seller and know to factor the fees into your auction price. This allows you to pay eBay for their marketing services and still take your profit.

Feedback is also very important on the eBay sales platform and it is recommended that you make sure to keep customer service foremost on your mind from day one. A good seller reputation promotes more buyers due to the trust and security of buying your item from a reputable seller. Ship timely, send confirmation e-mails, be truthful in advertising and leave positive feedback for your customers and you should see your feedback numbers start to rise.

With all of the education available, the ability for most people to start working in their spare time and the small start up costs, why not work for yourself. Ebay is an amazing and diverse marketplace and can offer anyone with extra things around the house a starting board for a great new business opportunity.

What are you going to sell on eBay?

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Author, Amy Pedersen is penned as Sit On This Ergonomics featured Ergonomic Insider. Having worked in the ergonomics and office industry over 10 years now, she is currently co-founder of Sit On This Ergonomics, operating a number of Ergonomic Sites dedicated to office chairs and the practice of good workplace ergonomics for better seating and productivity.

Featuring a wide variety of executive, leather, mesh and task office chairs with an online sales catalog, their website also provides detailed ergonomic information on proper work chair positioning.

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