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Ergonomics & Workers Compensation Claims

The amount of workers compensation claims stemming from improper ergonomics in the workplace is staggering. With employees spending more and more time in front of the computer and with the long hours worked in some professions, it is now wonder that RSI’s have increased.

Repetitive stress injuries or RSI’s are now commonplace terms in the H.R. departments in most large corporations. These human resource employees are stuck filling out countless forms and paperwork for each of these employees claims, not to mention the countless amounts of money poured in from the “would be profits” of the company to pay these claims.

Prevention can be the key to paying less when it comes to workers compensation claims. NO company is free from fear of these types of injuries and we are not even talking about just our average office employees anymore. Hairstylists, cooks, massage therapists and such are also prime targets for Repetitive stress injuries because of the repetitive motion required by their everyday tasks at the office.

Spending the money to adjust your office environment by ordering new office chairs, office furniture and investing in employee training in the use of proper ergonomics and positioning is key to eliminating these workers compensation claims. This can eliminate the need for loss of employee time and money spent on huge insurance premiums when it to claims made because of improper ergonomics.

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